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10 "Out-of-this-world" Picture Books About Outer Space

There’s something amazing about looking up at the stars and wondering what’s out there. The universe is a big place, and there’s so much to learn about it! If you’re looking for some fun and educational picture books about outer space, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best “out-of-this-world” picture books about outer space. These books are perfect for kids who are interested in learning about the planets, stars, and other space phenomena.

So, without further ado, here are 10 of the best picture books about outer space that will take your little ones on a fun and educational journey through the cosmos!

1. "Mousetronaut: Based on a (Partially) True Story" by Mark Kelly This charming book follows a mouse named Meteor who gets to go on a space mission with some astronauts. Based on a true story, this book is perfect for kids who are interested in space exploration and the important role animals sometimes play in these missions.

2. "There’s No Place Like Space!: All About Our Solar System" by Tish Rabe This fun and educational book belongs to the popular "Cat in the Hat's Learning Library" series. It takes readers on a tour of our solar system, introducing them to each of the planets in a playful and accessible way.

3. "Hello, World! Solar System" by Jill McDonald In this bright and colorful board book, young readers will learn about the different planets in our solar system, as well as interesting facts about the sun, moon, and stars.

4. "Our Solar System: An Exploration of Planets, Moons, Asteroids, and Other Mysteries of Space" by Lisa Reichley This beautiful book is perfect for older kids who want to learn more detailed information about our solar system. It covers everything from the inner planets to the Kuiper Belt and beyond.

5. "National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space" by Catherine D. Hughes This comprehensive book includes information about the planets, stars, galaxies, and more. With beautiful illustrations and engaging writing, it is sure to captivate young readers.

6. "The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System" by Joanna Cole This classic book from the "Magic School Bus" series takes readers on an exciting adventure through space. With fun characters and educational content, it’s a great choice for kids who are fans of the show.

7. "The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space" by Anna Brett and Mike Jacobsen This book is perfect for kids who love fun facts and trivia. It includes information about space exploration, the planets, and other space-related topics, as well as games and puzzles to keep readers engaged.

8. "The Planets: The Definitive Visual Guide to Our Solar System" This stunning book includes beautiful photographs of each of the planets in our solar system, as well as other space phenomena such as comets and asteroids. It’s a great choice for kids who are interested in space photography. Great for a little older children, recommended for grades 2-7.

9. "You Are the First Kid on Mars" by Patrick O'Brien In this imaginative book, readers get to imagine what it might be like to be the first person to travel to Mars. With detailed illustrations and engaging text, it’s a great choice for future astronauts.

10. "A Place for Pluto" by Stef Wade This heartwarming book tells the story of Pluto, a dwarf planet that was once considered the ninth planet in our solar system. When Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, he feels left out and sad. But with the help of some new friends, he learns that he still has an important place in the cosmos.

BONUS: "Curiosity's Discovery" by Nancy Derey Reily is a wonderful rhyming picture book about a rover exploring Mars. Great for the adventurous child in your life.

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