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Family Book Club: As Big as the SKY

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

As Big as the SKY

By: Carolyn Rose

Illustrated by: Elizabeth Zunon

Book Review

This is a beautiful new picture book that came out this year, 2020! If you are looking for a great family friendly book, this is for you. Great book for your family book club night. Read it together and then discuss it. A great experience to spark conversation and a deeper look at culture and the world around us.

There are multiple things I enjoyed about this story!

  • Chichewa Words (spoken in parts of Malawi, Zambia)

  • Sibling love

  • Colorful illustrations

  • African culture

  • Unique adventure

My children were able to learn about a new culture and country, all while being entertained. They got to experience a glimpse of what it is like for the children in a small African village. Carolyn did a fantastic job of bringing bits of the language to life, and Elizabeth used the illustrations to make you feel as if you were there in the dry climate or experiencing the down pour of the rainy season. The illustrations all brought many fun colors into the book with different craft ideas that we are now eager to try at home! We enjoyed looking at all the facial expressions and could get a real sense of what each character was feeling in each scene.

What I also enjoyed was the sibling love and the adventure that took place between the brother and sister. It encouraged me to point out to my girls how this is important everywhere around the world. I would recommend this book to families looking to expand their library and add something fresh to their bookshelf.

You can find As Big as the SKY here:

If you have a book you would like me to review please contact me. I love reading to my daughters and we enjoy analyzing the words and pictures. Promoting others is something that is near and dear to my heart.

I hope your dreams and laughter are as big as the sky!

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