Fairy-Tailed Great Book Give Away

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Are you ready for some new FREE books in your life? I am sure your children need some new reading material and we have a fun Fairy-Tailed Book Give Away for you! This is special because a group of authors have come together to offer you not just one book but a bundle of books together! Don’t miss your chance to enter this give away! Enter today, it is easy…simply enter your email address at the bottom of this page and hit SUBSCRIBE. Then you will be entered to WIN this fantastic prize!

How do I enter? Simply submit your email address between the dates of March 30th and April 21st (MST). Email submitted on home page or at bottom of any page on www.FairyTailedWish.com

How will a winner be selected? Winner will be randomly selected by email address submitted.

How will winner be notified? Winner will be notified via email on April 22nd. Two emails will be sent, the Subject line will read: Fairy-Tailed Book Give Away WINNER. You will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner will be selected. Once a winner responds it will be announced online.

Shipping to the USA and Canada, only for free, but if you are willing to pay for shipping we are willing to send the books worldwide.

Thank you for entering and we wish you luck! Check out these wonderful books...

Mouse to Moose by Caitlin Beauchaine

Good evening and welcome to the amazing, the marvelous... The Mouse Magic Show! Watch as Mouse the Magician accidentally transforms himself into a variety of different animals - all by mistake! Mouse just might need YOU to help perform a few tricks to make things right. So grab your magic wand and prepare to perform as you read, "Mouse to Moose: A Tale of Magnificent Mistakes."The interactive nature of this text invites readers to become a part of the show by using their own pretend magic wands to perform tricks right alongside the magician himself.Readers will wave their wands, hop up and down, clap their hands, and shout magic words each time mouse attempts to become a moose. Young children will fall in love with the active, entertaining silliness of this story.

Making Monster Soup by Beth Cusack

Want to put more creativity and spontaneity into family time in the kitchen? No need to buy special items or follow recipes to begin. Just some cheap ingredients already in the kitchen seasoned with imagination. In this book silly monsters demonstrate the steps from start to cleanup. Action-packed rhymes are enjoyable to read out loud to children. Even modeling good manners and cleanup chores look like fun. Make this simple family tradition one of your own.

Happy Easter Coloring Book by Lia Manea

Easter and Spring Coloring Book for Kids!

This cute coloring book makes for a great Easter

gift idea for children aged 4-8 and a fun indoor holiday activity.

The beautiful illustrations will keep little hands busy. Hours of fun! Includes both basic designs, great for preschoolers and more elaborate designs, fun for 8-year-old children and a good challenge for younger kids.

Sparks children’s imagination with Easter and Spring themes: Easter bunny, Easter eggs, spring flowers, butterflies, chickens, lambs, sheep, mushroom house, vegetal elements, a flower mandala and a surprise for mom.

The designs are both playful and educational: great for hand and eye coordination, for learning the skill of patience, feeling comfortable while creating a piece of art and getting the sense of accomplishment when finishing a coloring page. Children are encouraged to write their name on each page.

Happy Piglets by Michal Splho

The traditional story for children narrated in a fresh, new way and

accompanied with amazing watercolor images. The classic illustration plays

an important role in telling the storyline. A feature like an increasing

number of flowers instead of page numbers adds another dimension and level

of use to this book. It is meant to get the children closer to the

essential point behind the story: to enjoy and to have fun.

I Am Not Afraid Of Vaccinations by Natalia Maguire

A beautifully illustrated short story for kids that teachers that vaccinations are not at all painful or scary, that not all fairy tales should be believed, and also how many spines a hedgehog has.

Do you know how many?

The Song of a Warrior by Jennifer Aitken

This delightful story is about a Warrior King. A Warrior King who sings over His beloved child. When this child trusts in God's love and strength, he too becomes a warrior! We all struggle with believing we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This repetitions read aloud imprints upon little hearts (and big ones too) that no matter what we face, we CAN do all the things that God places in front of us because Jesus gives us powerful strength. Whether fear or loneliness or feeling too little comes against us, if we hide His word in our hearts we truly know: He calms our fears with His love. We are never alone. God is big enough.

Millie va al Oceano / Millie Goes to The Ocean (bilingual) by Erika Deery

Let’s have an ocean adventure! Millie and Mr. Raccoon’s Martian friends land abruptly into the beach. A monster has taken their magical diamond, and without it, they can’t go back to Mars! Can they find the diamond in the huge ocean? If your child likes sea animals, submarines and adventures, they will love this book.

¡Vamos a una aventura en el océano! Los amigos marcianos de Millie y el Sr. Mapache aterrizan abruptamente en la playa. ¡Un monstruo se ha llevado su diamante mágico, y sin él, no pueden regresar a Marte! ¿Podrán encontrar el diamante en el enorme océano? Si a tu hijo o hija le gustan los animales del mar, los submarinos y las aventuras, este libro le encantará.

Sailor Anna Goes to Sea by Brianna Snider

Sailor Anna loves sailing the seven seas. Join Sailor Anna, her brother Kash and his dog Max on their first journey to the Arctic Ocean to explore new places and search for marine life along the way. Watch out for Captain Catfish as he will try to steal their dads ship called the Singing Mermaid at every turn.

Me and My Puppy Madison’s New Best Friend by Madison Lee

Teach your kids life lessons that will stay with them forever and instill values that will make them better human beings capable of changing the world around them.

Madison, or Madi, as everyone fondly calls her, is a kind, fun, and cheerful little girl. Her deepest wish, more than anything in the world, is to own a little dog of her own to pet, take care of, and play with all day.

Just one little problem though. Her parents will not get her one no matter how hard she pleads and begs. However, everything changes on a certain magical afternoon. As if by chance - it was destiny, actually - Madi meets a cute, little puppy on the side of the road. Holding the cute ball-of-fluff in her arms and pulling herself up to her full height, she finally manages to convince her parents to let her keep it.

Madison now has a new furry friend, and his name is Tiger.

Johnny’s Football Mug Friends by Daniel Schauffer

Join Johnny, as he explores his new home and discovers friends in the unlikeliest of places. His mugs come to life and have a particular affinity for Football! Tiger and Lion mug compete over Johnny's attention and show off their Football skill. Tiger mug is not very friendly at first and we find out why and in the process learn a valuable lesson and that is to not judge a mug by its cover.

It’s The Sticks by Daniel Schauffer

The stickees love playing swords for hours on end. Mummy sticky thinks swords is a bit of a rough game and worries about the safety of her little ones. One eventful day, things go wrong…What will happen to our beloved stickees?

Super Sweet Pea by J.L. Humphreys

Sweet Pea won't eat the fruits and vegetables from Papas garden.

That is, until she finds out they're

SUPER foods.

Join Sweet Pea as she discovers how these SUPER fruits & vegetables make her a SUPER kid.

Pumpkin’s Kitties by J.L. Humphreys

Pumpkin’s Kitties is an adorable story about the relationship between a little girl and her pet kittens.

When Pumpkin’s Daddy brings home two cute cuddly kitties she is delighted and starts to play with them like toy dolls. As you can imagine, Pumpkin’s kitties don’t like being treated like toys and begin running away and hiding. After Pumpkin discovers she can’t make her kitties play with her, she learns a lesson she’ll never forget.

Fairy-Tailed Wish by Megan Pighetti

What happens when someone makes a wish to be Fairy-Tailed on their Birthday Eve?

It’s up to Suzie and her fairies-in-training to see that the wish is granted. But when fairy dust meets toilet paper, things don’t always go as planned. Dashing up and zooming down, tying knots and winding around, a nighttime mission can quickly go wrong and wake a sleeping child. Will Suzie and her fairies escape in time before they are discovered?

Enter by submitting your email address below and click SUBSCRIBE or on the home page. Thank you to these wonderful authors. Your children will enjoy reading these books for years to come.

Happy Reading!

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