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Fairy-Tailed Wish Available NOW #QuarantineBirthday

Updated: Jan 3

I am excited to launch my picture book Fairy-Tailed Wish to the world. I debated waiting given the uncertain state that COVID-19 has brought down upon us. But decided people, and children could use something bright and uplifting…,especially around their birthday time. Your child needs to feel special for their birthday and this is a new and exciting way to do just that. Why do we have so much toilet paper? Well, we are just getting ready for the Birthday Fairies!

Don’t worry, we have always reused our Fairy-Tails…even back in the '80s. You will not be wasting your toilet paper! It will be put to good use and then you can put it in a bag by the loo and still use it for number one or two!

I have been working on this project for months now you can read here why I started the project. Now, with children celebrating their birthdays in isolation, this is a unique way to make it different, and exciting and put a smile on their faces. Not only that you can ease some anxiety by adding an explanation as to why everyone is hoarding TP! They want to be ready for the Birthday Fairies!

I hope children everywhere enjoy Fairy-Tailed Wish. My girls have loved it. Now, we are off on a Bear Hunt. We have placed a stuffed bear in our front yard. There are a few around our neighborhood. I hope your area has participated in this activity as well. It is a fun way to get out of the house and help with our children’s mental health in these uncertain times. As we all learn to home-school and stay active. We are, luckily, still able to go out for walks. I continue to pray for all those around the world.

Please share your #FairyTailed pictures and smiles with us as I shared with you in the book.

Now available for free Kindle Unlimited, e-book, and print!

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Happy Reading!

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