Family Book Club: Harold’s Super Cool House

Harold’s Super Cool House

Written by: Colin Skinner

Illustrated by: Abigael Green

Does Harold have a super cool house or a super cool imagination? Either way this kid has a blast each day and so many amazing things to do. However, even with so many activities, gadgets, and toys, life still seems less than full. Until something simple happens and he realize there is more to life than the items that surround you.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking, after you read this book as a family: (as always, adjust questions as needed for the age range in your household):

1. What do think of Harold’s house?

2. Do you think it is his imagination or his real home?

3. Do you ever imagine things like this in your house?

4. What would you like to try in Harold’s house?

5. Which illustration is your favorite and why?

6. Why do you think helping his neighbor made Harold so happy?

7. Who would you want to share this cool house with to make it more fun?

8. Why does sharing make things more fun?

After reading this book it is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of people over things. Sometimes it is hard for children to remember that no matter how much you have in life; it is more fun to share it with others than to play alone. . . not matter how cool it is. Harold has a super cool house, and sometimes it is great to have some alone time enjoying what you have. But your imagination can only take you so far. Harold quickly discovers that companions can come in all ages. This is a great chance to practice sharing as a family. Or you could talk about the importance of respecting the elderly and befriending them, there is so much you can learn from different generations.

You can purchase this wonderful book here: Harold’s Super Cool House

Happy Reading!

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