Family Book Club: Millie Goes to The Ocean (Millie Va Al Océano)

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Millie Va Al Océano

Millie Goes to The Ocean

By: Erika Deery

Have you ever thought about introducing a second language to your child? If so, reading a bilingual book is a great start. Even if you are learning together that is alright. The Millie Book Series, is a cute bilingual series with colorful images and a variety of different characters and words for you and your child to explore. It gives you both the ability to look at the words is both Spanish and English. You can read it multiple times and compare the words together.

Erika Deery does a wonderful job creating an engaging story while teaching children about a new language. Exposing children to a new language is important at any age (the sooner the better). Here are some great Family Book Club Questions after reading Millie Goes to The Ocean:

1. Did you read the Spanish or English version…or both?

2. What did you like about hearing a new language?

3. What did you think of Kliff and Kloff?

4. When they said it disappeared under “That blue thing” what was your hypothesis as to what it was?

a. This is a great opportunity to explain that a hypothesis is an educated guess as to what “That blue thing” could be.

5. Learning a new language is an opportunity to discuss another culture. What is something that seems different between the two languages?

6. What is one way you know that the Spanish language seems similar to English?

7. What friend that they saw under the ocean was your favorite and why? Turtle, Octopus, Whale, etc.

8. What countries do you know that speak Spanish?

9. Do you have any friends that speak Spanish?

When my girls where young we wanted them to be exposed to a second language. We found a tutor to come to the house once a week and teach them Spanish. They may not be fluent but it did expose them to another language and a bigger world. Here are 15 Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language. I think every little bit helps, even if it is just a couple books here and there. It is still exposing them to something new.

Want to hear the book read in Spanish by the author? Here is a link to Erika Deery’s YouTube Video.

Here is where you can purchase this book: Millie Goes to The Ocean (Millie Va Al Océano)

Happy Reading!