Family Book Club: Mouse to Moose

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Mouse to Moose

A Tale of Magical Mistakes

By: Caitlin Beauchaine

Illustrated by: Hiba Malik

Everyone needs a little magic in their life. This book is perfect for the squirmy kiddo on your lap that needs a little wiggle time before bed (or anytime). I choose this one for its unique qualities and interactive experience it offers the family. This is a book that will get you involved in the actions and helps teach how to follow directions. If you take the opportunity to dig a little deeper you can also explain to your children that it is alright to make mistakes, and no one is perfect. Even though at times I may seem perfect, as a parent, it is just because as adults we get really good at hiding our mistakes. But we really do still make them. We also get better at being calm and not reacting as strongly when we make mistakes.

Caitlin Beauchaine does a wonderful job putting actions into this story as Mouse desperately tries to make himself into the great Moose. Failing, in the end, he realizes being a mouse isn’t so bad. Hiba Malik did a lovely job with the soft colors of the illustrations.

Here are some great Family Book Club questions:

1. What animal would you want to turn into? Would you pick a moose?

2. What do you love about being you?

3. Make up your own magic movements.

4. What mistake did you make recently and how did you react? How could you have reacted differently?

5. Would it be hard to make a mistake with a whole crowd watching?

6. What was your favorite animal mouse turned into?

7. Would you have been happy to have turned into any of the other animals?

8. What did you like most about the illustrations?

9. Have you ever been to or put on a magic show?

Mouse to Moose is a unique interactive book that is sure to delight your child while getting some of the wiggles out. Books like this are important to foster a love of reading in children that aren’t always willing to sit still.

Purchase a copy here: Mouse to Moose

Happy Reading!