Family Book Club: My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I am not)

My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I am not)

Author: Peter Brown

You and your children will love this story and the transformation the illustrations take. We have all experienced running into a teacher outside of school, and not quite knowing what to do. For Bobby this was even more awkward as he was not the best-behaved child in class. It is great for everyone to understand that teachers are people too, in and out of the classroom.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking, after you read this book as a family: (as always, adjust questions as needed for the age range in your household)

1. Do you think the teacher was frustrated or really a monster?

2. Have you ever seen a teacher outside of school?

3. Where is somewhere you like to go and relax?

4. What was your favorite illustration and why?

5. Do you think Bobby and Ms. Kirby are friends?

6. How many ducks can you count?

7. Do you like making paper airplanes?

8. Do you think Ms. Kirby changed on the inside too?

9. Can you follow the airplane trail with your finger?

10. Do you think Bobby changed on the inside?

This is a great book to talk about how your behavior impacts other people’s moods. When Bobby behaved in class, Ms. Kirby was in a better mood. Once you read this book, it is a great chance to make paper airplanes as a family and see who can send it farther.

You can purchase this wonderful book here: My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I am not)

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

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