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Family Book Club: Rainbow Dots

Rainbow Dots

By: Monica Exley

This is a fun ocean adventure with an octopus named Sammy. Sammy and his family move to a new home and he gets to go to a new school. Change is something many children will be able to relate to, even if they have not personally moved or changed schools. In addition, this story focuses on the fact that everyone is unique and special in their own way and that it should not be hidden, it should be embraced. This is a great opportunity to discuss how your child is unique and special and how you can highlight that in their life. It is also a chance to look at others in a new light and find ways to embrace differences in them.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking after you read this book as a family:

1. Have you ever moved or seen someone move? What do you think would be most exciting about a big move? What would make you most nervous?

2. Have you ever had a new student in your class? How did you make them feel welcomed?

3. What is Sammy’s favorite drink? What is your favorite drink?

4. Sammy likes to sleep in. Do you get up early or sleep in?

5. Why do you think Sammy was nervous on his first day of school?

6. Do you think Sammy’s teacher Ms. MerMary acts nice? Why or Why not?

7. How would you have reacted when Sammy’s sock fell off?

8. What makes you unique?

9. How would you welcome Nathan Octopus?

10. What was your favorite picture in the story?

11. If you could hunt for treasure what would you hope to find?

12. Were you surprised at what Sammy’s legs could do?

This book is great if your family is about to go through some big changes. You can take an opportunity to discuss how it looks to move to a new place or go to a new school. Or if you have a child that is struggling with being different or a friend or sibling that is different. We are all unique and special, it is important to find out how and point out that is positive and that it should be celebrated and not hidden from the world.

Rainbow Dots can be purchased here: Rainbow Dots

Be sure to follow author Monica Exley on Instagram: Monica Exley

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

Author of: Fairy-Tailed Wish – Available on Amazon

It’s more than a book. . . it’s a childhood experience to be treasured for a lifetime.

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