Family Book Club: Swishy Swishy Jam, the Salmon Fishy

Swishy Swishy Jam, the Salmon Fishy

Created by: Sundae

This is a silly book about a salmon named Jam that is making wishes to be something he is not. It is done in a jam rhyme with colorful illustrations. While it is fun to dream, in the end he realizes he is grateful for what he has in life.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking, after you read this book as a family:

1. What do you think is Jam’s silliest wish?

2. What would you wish for?

3. Which illustration is your favorite and why?

4. If you could make up a silly wish for Jam, what would it be?

5. What makes you lucky to be where you are?

6. If you wrote this book, who would you put as the main character?

7. Jam wishes to be hot pink, what color would you wish to be?

8. How many of the things that Jam wished for can you do?

This is a great book to display that it is alright to dream, but to also be grateful for what you have. Take some time to go around the family and talk about what you are each thankful for. Is it similar to what Jam is thankful for? It can also be a chance to talk about realistic dreams. Big dreams are great, but will Jam ever be able to walk? At the same time, you can talk to your children about the fun and silliness of imagination play, where you can do and be anything and reality doesn’t even matter.

You can purchase this wonderful book here: Swishy Swishy Jam, the Salmon Fishy

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

Author of Fairy-Tailed Wish – Available on Amazon

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