Family Book Club: Teddy Bear Tea

Teddy Bear Tea

Written by: Ellwyn Autumn

Illustrated by: Tanya Glebova

A delightful rhyming story with beautiful illustrations. Teddy Bear Tea shows how one event can bring animals from all over together creating fun times and precious moments. Tea parties are fun, and assembling toys for the event is a time-honored tradition children reenact year after year. This darling book makes this tradition come to life as forest creatures scurry around to arrive on time for Teddy Bear’s afternoon tea.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking, after you read this book as a family: (as always, adjust questions as needed for the age range in your household):

1. How many butterflies can you count on the page where rabbit scurries off?

2. Have you ever gone on a hike or walked on a path that looked similar to the one the child is on?

3. Which animal friend is your favorite and why?

4. How would you spread the word about the tea party?

5. Which illustration is your favorite and why?

6. If you were the illustrator what animal would you add?

7. What snacks on the table would you want to try first?

8. What song do you think they are dancing to?

9. Have you ever had a tea party?

Imagination play is priceless for children and fun for adults too. This book opens that world up to you as you all envision what their tea party is like and helps you to create one of your own. After reading this book as a family create a tea party of your own. Make invitations like Teddy Bear did and assemble stuffed animal friends. Have a special drink and snack and dance and sing just like in the book. Simple moments like this will create memories to last a lifetime.

You can purchase this wonderful book here: Teddy Bear Tea

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

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