Family Book Club: The Breaking News

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

The Breaking News

Written and Illustrated by: Sarah Lynne Reul

Book Review

The Breaking News, written and illustrated by the talented Sarah Lynne Reul, is a touching book that does an amazing job helping children through a difficult time. It addresses a time in a community in which something terrible comes on the news (unnamed so it is not as traumatic) sweeps the community. The teacher tells them to watch for helpers. This is an opportunity for children to look for the good in the world and to be a part of it.

This the book I choose for Family Book Club as it is something, we all deal with in different ways. There is a time in every community in which we have some terrible news that sweeps through where the adults are struck and overcome with grief and the children are left by the wayside unsure how to proceed.

Sarah does justice to this touchy subject by approaching it in a way of understanding and hope. The illustrations show emotions and kindness. My daughter, who is 8, loves to analyze the expressions on faces and this book lived up to her standards (which is no easy feat). She was able to understand the feelings the characters where going though by their eyes and body language.

If you use this book for your Family Book Club, I highly recommend utilizing not just the words but the illustrations in your discussion. Talk about how you can tell what a person is feeling or thinking by how they look or how they are sitting or standing.

As you assist your children in looking for the helpers be sure to discuss the helpers in your community and ways, they too can be helpers. This is definitely a discussion that leads to our dinner question of: What did you do nice for someone else today? You can be a helper every day, you don’t always have to wait for Breaking News.

Looking to purchase this book? You can buy it on Amazon here: The Breaking News

Or check out your local library, which is always a great resource!

Happy Reading!