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Family Book Club: The Buggies in Bella’s Belly

Updated: Jan 3

The Buggies in Bella’s Belly

Written by: Alana Cohen, M.S. CCC-SLP

Want your children to eat healthier? Don’t we all. . . The Buggies in Bella’s Belly is a great way to teach them why it is important for their body to eat healthily. It shows them how they will feel better if they are filling their body with good foods like fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking after you read this book as a family:

1. Did you already know there were buggies in your belly?

2. What is something sweet you like to eat that is also healthy?

3. What is a healthy snack you like that is not sweet?

4. Which buggie illustration is your favorite?

5. What is the last new food you tried?

6. Which meal of the day is your favorite?

7. How do you help make food for the family?

8. Which illustration was your favorite and why?

9. Have you ever had a tantrum when you were hungry for healthy food?

10. How could you avoid having a tantrum next time?

Teaching children from a young age how to make healthy choices is important so that they can be healthy adults. You will not always be there to guide their choices. Instead of telling them what they can and cannot eat this book helps to explain the WHY. Helping them start to make that choice on their own, so they can do it when your guiding hand is no longer present is priceless. It may also help them understand that they need some healthy food in their belly when they start to feel cranky and upset. This is a great book to start talking as a family about your eating habits and how you can work together to form a healthy lifestyle. It would be a fun activity to look up healthy snack recipes and then make one together after reading this book as a family.

You can get this wonderful book FREE here: The Buggies in Bella’s Belly

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

Author of Fairy-Tailed Wish – Available on Amazon

It’s more than a book. . . it’s a childhood experience to be treasured for a lifetime.

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