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Family Book Club: The Moose Meets Dinosaurs

Updated: Jan 3

The Moose Meets Dinosaurs

Written and Illustrated by: Adam DeRose

If your child has a curiosity for all things dinosaurs, then this is a great picture book for them. Adam DeRose cleverly sneaks in some knowledge as he names different types of dinosaurs with colorful illustrations. The Moose Meets Dinosaurs is a fun little adventure full of imagination and a foot chase through prehistoric times.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking after you read this book as a family:

1. If you could be Moose or Sandpiper which would you be and why?

2. Would you enter the cave?

3. Which dinosaur is your favorite?

4. Which illustration is your favorite?

5. Is there somewhere you think Moose should have hidden that he didn’t try?

6. How do you think the dinosaur’s skin would feel?

7. Do you think the T-Rex had bad breath?

8. Have you ever seen a moose in real life?

9. How long ago do you think dinosaurs lived? (Answer: About 65 million years ago)

10. What type of adventures do you imagine when you play?

This book is full of imagination and prehistoric fun. It is a great way to talk about the past and different types of dinosaurs. Not only that, it is an opportunity to discuss imagination. Imaginative play is important in child development in many ways: social and emotional development, problem-solving, language, and so much more. This is an opportunity to delve into what they play and learn more about your child and their imagination.

You can purchase this wonderful book here: The Moose Meets Dinosaurs

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

Author of Fairy-Tailed Wish – Available on Amazon

It’s more than a book. . . it’s a childhood experience to be treasured for a lifetime.

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