Family Book Club: The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale

Updated: Feb 18

The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale

By Claude Steiner

With pictures by JoAnn Dick

Surly by now you have picked up on a theme of this blog. Memories from childhood have played a large role in raising my own children. Lucky for me my Mom kept just about everything from when we were children. Which is quite surprising given how many times we moved my first 8 years of life; my Dad was in the Air Force (thank you to everyone who has served our great nation). The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale, was first published in 1970. So, my apologies if it is difficult to obtain a copy of. Possibly check your local library?

I still wanted to feature this book as I think it has a positive message. It is a longer story and I’m sure my parents were not thrilled when me and my sisters pulled it out as a bedtime story. The story is a folk tale that shows children that you can give others good feelings or bad feelings (essentially). Labeled in the book as a “Warm Fuzzy” or a “Cold Prickly.” When people are struck by fear that they may run out of warm fuzzies if they give too many away, they begin to be stingier. This shows children what the community turns into when kindness is not spreading as it once was.

It is an opportunity to open up dialogue regarding acts of kindness and what types of “Warm Fuzzies” they can spread from a smile to a compliment. Showing children (and adults) that our bag of warm fuzzies is never ending. I highly recommend adding this book to your library or borrowing it. I wish they would put a new version of this book out as I think it is fabulous.

The illustrations are cute, you can tell they were made back in the 70’s but, that just adds to the character of the book. If you would like to pick up a copy of this book you will have to do some searching on eBay, amazon, or at your local thrift store.

Happy reading!

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