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Family Book Club: The Unhuggables

Updated: Jan 3

The Unhuggables

Written by: Kena Sosa

Illustrated by: Alexis Braud

We have all seen it, a child sitting there pouting stubborn as can be, not wanting to be hugged. Yet, you know a hug can be an amazing cure for so many little things in life. This adorable book is full of wonderfully funny illustrations sure to make you and your child laugh as Oliver does his best to resist his Mother’s hug.

Here are some questions to get your minds thinking, after you read this book as a family: (as always, adjust questions as needed for the age range in your household)

1. What has made you feel upset like Oliver?

2. Can you roll up in a ball like an Armadillo?

3. Which of those animals have you seen at a zoo or in a book?

4. Show someone what kind of hug is your favorite.

5. Which illustration did you like the best and why?

6. Who can do the funniest dance, like Oliver’s Mother?

7. How do hugs make you feel better?

8. Is it okay to have some space sometimes too?

9. Do you hug others to make them feel better sometimes?

Hugs are a great way to make yourself or others. feel better. You can talk as a family about how it makes you feel warm and loved on the inside. It is a good chance to talk about how it is alright to ask for some space sometimes too. Oliver took a minute for himself, and that is important. In this situation, it was his Mother, but a hug should never be forced if it is someone you do not know. This is a great opportunity to touch on this subject. It is also a chance to talk about hugging other people. You wouldn’t want to force a hug on a classmate who said no. These are important lessons to learn at home before a situation arises when you are not around. Practice different scenarios after reading this book by role-playing, pretending you are different people and who you should hug or not. Then for fun, you can make up different types of hugs and rate them on a scale of 1-10 and decide what type of hug you like the best. Puppy hug, kitty hug, or maybe a tickle hug? Having fun and making memories that last will be priceless.

You can purchase this wonderful book here: The Unhuggables

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

Author of Fairy-Tailed Wish – Available on Amazon

It’s more than a book. . . it’s a childhood experience to be treasured for a lifetime.

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