Home-Made Masks and Ear Saver Headbands by Sue

I am thinking of you all in these troubled times. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. There are so many unknowns in the world it is hard to not get wrapped up in the news. Take a minute to take a deep breath and focus on the little things in life. First of all, you can look at what you are grateful for:

- The roof over your head

- The weather

- Your children

- The food on your table (even if the store is picked over)

- Not to mention hilarious memes to lighten the mood

There is still a lot to be thankful for, even though there is a lot to worry about. Next time you get in a spiraling cycle of worry take a moment to remember what you do have.

The next think you can focus on is what you can do. It can be as simple as just living your life under you roof. Or taking the time to read that extra book to your little ones. Or hugging the ones you love a little tighter and a little longer…that is IF they live under the same roof. I did not forget about the whole social distancing thing.

My wonderful mother has decided to put her skills and time to use by making masks. She has made our family some and now she is making some for nurses, and elderly in her neighborhood. She was gracious enough to share the information with us all today.

Home-made masks by Sue

Hi---as my contribution to this Covid-19 Virus I have decided to use my talent to make masks a couple hours a day to combat this evil virus. These are home-made; I found a pattern online from a Washington State nurse who now owns a fabric store that is now closed—due to the virus. She made a few videos and I have followed her instruction by using two layers of woven cotton fabric and two layers of non-woven fabric inside. The virus can go through any woven fabric because it is so small but cannot penetrate the non-woven fabric. If you would like to see her video, you can visit FabricPatch.net on the web.

These are my suggestions for using my masks—

· Wash your hands often. Make sure the mask fits securely on your face so no air comes in/out around edges.

· Bend the wire so it fits properly around your nose. I used a heavier wire (14 gauge) so it will keep its shape, so you won’t be touching the mask and your face while you are wearing it.

· You can use it several times as long as you don’t touch the front of it because that’s where the germs will be. Wash your hands.

· This is a reusable mask but please wash it in hot water in the washer because soap and hot water kills the virus. After washing just shape it and air dry. Note: Do NOT dry it in the dryer.

Let’s make sure we all support each other in small ways as your contribution to this effort.

· A wave works from far away.

· Put something in your window (a stuffed bear, draw a big rainbow or the USA flag) so people see it on their walks. Be Creative!

· Chat with someone out on a walk but stay at least 6 feet apart.

· Send an email or give a call to a neighbor or friend to chat.

· Shop for someone who should not be going to the store.

She is quite the perfectionist and I can tell you her masks are on point. Not only that but she came up with the clever idea to put buttons on a headband to connect the elastic to. It is a real ear saver.

Let’s all do our part! Share with me on social media what you are doing or how your masks are turning out.

Happy Reading!