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Homemade Fairy-Tailed Charms

Updated: Jan 3

Making Fairy-Tailed charms is a fun and easy craft to do at home and a perfect way to build up the excitement for birthday fun to come! It will be ready to hang on your little one’s door on their birthday eve to make a Fairy-Tailed wish. Then a birthday fairy or fairies will come that night and they will wake up to a fun toilet paper surprise.

As you know I like to keep things simple. The first thing to do is think about what you already have at home and gather some supplies. You can make the craft easier or a little more complicated, depending on the age of your child.

Here are a few ideas of items you may have laying around the house to collect:

- Beads

- Pipe Cleaners

- String, yarn, and/or ribbon

- Duct Tape

- Buttons

- Bells (think twice if you have a lighter sleeper)

- Pom pom balls

- Construction paper

- Fabric scraps

- Glitter Glue

- Clay or Play Dough

- Cardboard

- Bendable wire

- Rainbow loom bands

- Safety pins or paper clips

- Melty beads

- Shrinky Dinks

- Stickers

You probably have at least a couple of the items above available to you. Now you are ready to make your homemade Fairy-Tailed door charm. First, make note of the door handle it will be going on. This will depend on how large it will need to be to slip around the handle. This is something you can keep and reuse each year or make a fresh one each time.

Here are some of our homemade examples:

This first one is a purple pipe cleaner with beads that read FAIRIES. It is simple and fantastic!

This one has yarn that was finger-weaved and then a safety pin with beads on it. Perfectly executed!

These pom poms were strung together with a needle and thread, a fun way to begin to learn how to sew! Maybe next time we will use fabric.

This creative charm took some time. It began with a friendship bracelet and then they added a shrinky dink and some beads. Well done!

Another example of a simple pipe cleaner with brilliant beads. Stunning!

Last but certainly not least we have some melty beads laced into yarn and beads to top it off. For an added bonus the beads glow in the dark, a very kind way to help Suzie and the Birthday Fairies light their way.

Other ideas include:

Folding or weaving paper into a loop and decorating it with stickers or glitter glue.

Rainbow loom bracelet with beads.

Using cardboard to cut a fun shape and decorate that. Then you can simply cut a hole in the top to loop a string through it.

Sewing scraps of fabric together and decorating further as desired

Remember it can be simple or it can be the fanciest and most complicated homemade charm but what is really important is that your child made it and you were involved in the creation by watching (or making your own) but not by doing it all for them so it looks right. Let them do it! Then smile and tell them it looks just right.

We want to see your creations! Please share with us using the hashtag #FairyTailedCharm

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Happy charm creating!

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