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A Birthday Fairy Tale

Updated: Jan 2

Holiday Birthday Blues Made Merry

Do you know a child that has a birthday on or around the holidays?

Then this is the perfect gift for them! December birthdays are the worst. You can feel forgotten and lost in the shuffle of a busy holiday season. One little girl decides to take matters into her own hands and solve the problem.

Even if you do not have a holiday birthday child . . . little ones are loving this endearing story as two siblings’ bond over special moments, and parents showing that all is not what it seems.

From the back cover:

Christmas and Hanukkah are over, and New Year’s is right around the corner. With so much on the calendar, no one has time for Reese’s birthday. Mom is busy. Dad is working. Her brother Charlie is no fun. December birthdays are the worst. It’s time for Reese to take charge and make sure she is celebrated on her birthday . . . with a little magical help, will all her wishes come true?

From the author:

This book came about as my mother has a birthday on December 28th. I always remember her saying it was difficult as a child. At times she felt forgotten, or her gifts would be in Christmas wrapping paper. Which felt like an afterthought or a Christmas gift that was “saved” for her birthday. Then each year, as Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, I observed adults complaining about how their holiday birthdays are still difficult. I wanted to make an impact and help parents create a special moment for their child to feel special and set it apart from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Who are Reese and Charlie?

These two adorable children are based on my niece and nephew. The one coming soon is my nephew Felix, who has now arrived and is also just as fun and happy as Reese and Charlie. I do have my own children as well. Lilly and Bri, who have been featured in other stories. Please be sure to check out Fairy-Tailed Wish and Fairy-Tailed Birthday Trouble.

Want to make your own broken pot fairy garden?

When you read this wonderful story you will see a fantastic little fairy garden. If you are interested in making your own broken pot fairy garden, here is a wonderful resource:

Fairy Garden DIY

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