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Painted Rock Experience

Updated: Jan 3

Ahhh…Spring time. The weather has finally warmed up. The birds are singing and the kids want to get outside. I bet they want to do something fun too right? I have an idea for you that is a fun experience that is sure to delight them and teach them about kindness and spreading joy.

What you need:

Rocks – preferably smooth and large enough to write one word or a message

Nail polish, paint, or sharpies – Just depends on what you want to do. I am no stickler for rules when it comes to crafts. I am more about what we have on hand so I don’t have to go buy anything.

Optional: Clear coat

Step one: Have the kids go pick out some rocks. Tell them they should be smooth on one side. This task gets them outside in the fresh air. Give them a basket or something to collect them in.

Step two: Have the kids clean and dry the rocks. This makes for a better painting surface and it is actually a fun activity for them to do. The rocks are not breakable so any age can participate. The rocks should be small enough that no one will get hurt. You can always find one or two as an example for them.

Step three: Decide how to decorate the rocks. I like to use up that old nail polish I am about to toss. It has nice little brushes and is about to go in the trash anyway. You can use sharpies, or paint too. Decorate the rocks and write one or two words on top. Examples of words:

- Love

- Kindness

- Respect

- Joy

- Happy

- Be Kind

- Fun

- Spring

- Smile

- Be You

Step Four: Let them dry. Great time for washing up and having a snack.

Step Five: Optional you can spray a clear coat on top for longer durability. This will need to dry as well.

Step Six: Delivery. These are now ready to be delivered. You and the kids can leave them in people’s mailboxes, on front steps, around the park, or anywhere else fun you can think of. It is a great way to teach random acts of kindness. It is also fun to try and be sneaky and not get caught.

You just created a fun and memorable moment for you and your child and whoever finds the rocks and you didn’t even have to spend a bunch of money doing it. Congratulations on a job well done.

We would love to see some pictures! Please share with us on Twitter: @Fairy_Tailed Facebook @FairyTailedWish

Happy Crafting!

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