Parenting is a lot like HOSTAGE NEGOTIATION

Sometimes in life as parents we just need a good laugh! Here are some things I thought you all might enjoy. I have linked them to the products as well.

Parenting is a lot like Hostage Negotiation

Thou Shalt NOT Try Me. MOM 24/7

My parenting style has developed into... "But did you DIE?"

Want the WiFi password? Clean your room.

The secret to a clean house? Don't let your children in it!

Parenting, Like Camping it's Intense

These are just a few of the funny items with sayings I found to brighten your day. I hope they made you smile and chuckle a little. In case you didn't notice I am a fan of dad jokes. As we say in our home "Ain't no bad joke, like a dad joke." Life is too short to not smile.

Have a happy day!