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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Looking for picture books to be featured in Family Book Club blog post.

Family Book Club features a picture book that can be used to engage the whole family in a discussion. I develop different levels of questions about a simple picture book to help a family grow and bond. This activity is a way for a family to learn to not only love to read, but also to teach their children to develop new skills. The skills will depend on the story and can range from:

- New observation techniques while digging deeper into the illustrations

- Social and emotional development, while studying the characters and how/why they react the way they do.

- Learning about different cultures and/or geographical locations

- Noticing the setting of a story

- Thinking about a different outcome the story could have taken.

- Discussing their favorite characters.

- Or simply stating why they liked/disliked a certain illustration, setting, or character.

Here is an example of what a post may look like: Family Book Club: The Peculiar Pig

As you can see there is a short, but positive, book review. Then questions relating back to the book of varying levels to involve the family of all ages. I will also include two link-backs including: where to purchase the book and your author website.

These skills are important to develop in children, and to observe as their parent or guardian uses them on a story they have read together and understand. The book does not have to be long and complicated. . . in fact it is better if it isn’t. However, I have found it is too difficult if there are no words or too few words for me to come up with engaging questions. Please make sure your book has at least 300 words to apply. Keeping it fun and engaging is my ultimate goal. I can find deep and engaging questions in just about any story (although some are better than others).

Would you like your book to be featured? If so, please email the items listed below to FairyTailedWish @

1. Your book title and a link

2. A brief synopsis of your book

3. 2-3 sentences about yourself

If you are selected you will be responsible for sending one copy of your book to me. You will be featured on a blog post with link backs to purchase your book, link to your social media, and to your website (up to three link-backs). The blog post will be promoted on all my social media platforms.

Happy Reading!

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