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The Birthday Fairy Tradition is in Trouble!

Updated: Jan 3

Fairy-Tailed Birthday Trouble is now available on Amazon! The Birthday Fairy team is out to grant birthday wishes but things are not smooth sailing. . .

What happens when a Fairy-Tailed mission goes from bad to worse?

When the children pretend to be sleeping, to catch the fairies, Suzie and her fairies-in-training must come up with a new plan. But when the fairies try to make their exit, one fairy has no place to turn when he is faced with a prowling cat. Will Suzie be able to save him in time?

Start the family tradition this year!

Your child will feel special when they wake up with a visit from the Birthday Fairy. A wish to the Birthday Fairy on their birthday eve is sure to bring delight with the morning light.

Watch for new titles coming soon. . .

If your child is wondering where the Birthday Fairy comes from. . . then they will have answers soon. Fairy-Tailed has new titles coming out this year featuring Suzie, and how she became the Original Birthday Fairy!

While you wait be sure to check out:

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