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What is this #FairyTailed trend?

Updated: Jan 3

There is a new trend and some of you are wondering…what is #FairyTailed? It’s a new birthday tradition filling homes with joy as parents seek new ways to celebrate, especially during times of isolation. When you were a child did you know it was your birthday from the second you opened your eyes? Or did it take you a moment to wonder if today was the day? What if the night before you could add some anticipation too?

Fairy-Tailed makes all this happen…and more! It all starts with a fun and simple little craft called a Fairy-Tailed Charm. The birthday child makes this to hang on their door and makes a wish to be Fairy-Tailed on the night of their birthday. The excitement builds but, they know if they don’t go to sleep…the Birthday Fairies won’t come. Then in the night the Birthday Fairies come and Fairy-Tail their room (hint: Fairy-Tail = Toilet Paper). Then the second they open their eyes in the morning their little hearts are filled with joy and excitement because they know it is their special day!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Children love pretending as they try and get out of the room in creative ways. I remember as a child leaving them up for a few days just so I could go to bed smiling and staring at them in wonder. It also relieved my parents of tuck-in duty for a few nights and I put myself to bed! In other years I remember just having fun with my sisters ripping them all down like monsters. Don’t worry, we always reuse or recycle our Fairy-Tails.

What better birthday gift can you give than making a child feel loved from the second they open their eyes on their birthday? Want to start this tradition in your home? Check out Fairy-Tailed Wish on Amazon. Read the book a few days before the special birthday and make your Fairy-Tailed Charm.

Want to learn more about why I wrote the book? Find out here.

Happy Reading!

Check out this fun video of Dad Getting his #FairyTailed Surprise...

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