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Writing Fairy-Tailed Wish

Updated: Jul 20

Why I wrote Fairy-Tailed Wish . . . What inspired me and kept me going?

Writing Fairy-Tailed Wish was a fun adventure and a learning experience. I felt compelled to write this story while looking through old pictures at my parent's house. One was of me posing in my room after the Birthday Fairy had come. I tend to forget many memories, but that one

came flooding back to me as if it had happened yesterday. Maybe it was because it happened every year, no matter where we lived. I can recall so vividly waking up on my birthday as a child. The moment I opened my eyes and knowing although I am alone, I am celebrated and loved. A smile spread from ear to ear, my heart pounding with joy, as I gazed in wonder at the toilet paper-filled room that magically appeared overnight. If I can spread that feeling of love to one child on their birthday each year my mission will be complete.

Now as a parent, I am once again reliving that joy as I get to see the elation on my children’s faces as they weave their way through the Fairy-Tailed maze when they get up on their birthday. Some years they leave it up for a few days and some years they giddily tear it down that day (yes, we reuse or recycle). I can see it building confidence as they feel the love and security in our home. They know they are special and remembered from the moment they open their eyes. We take pictures to capture the moment so that one day they can look back and fondly remember the moment and the happiness can come flooding back to them as it has for me.

I cannot think of a better way for a child to start the day on their birthday. While writing this story I smiled often, my mind filled with memories of the past. I also was filled with dreams of the future, hoping to fill little hearts and minds with magic and love.

Looking back, I truly think this tradition shaped who I am today. I have always had a positive outlook on birthdays. Even now, at a much older age, when that day rolls around I feel I wake up with a smile. I wonder if that can be traced back to waking up happy every year on my special day.

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*edited on 3/28/2020 to reflect final the title of the published book.* original post 2/2019

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