Family Book Club: ZEN HAPPINESS

Updated: Jun 2, 2020


Written and Illustrated by: Jon J Muth

Book Review

Are you wanting to add a little Zen in your child’s life? I know I am. I want my girls to feel a peace in their hearts and a kindness in all they say and do. This book has few words and beautiful illustrations. However, those few words pack so much meaning. Each page is a chance to open up dialogue even with my oldest daughter, who is now 11. This book is an opportunity for an experience.

You can simply read this book and put it away and enjoy the beautifully colored pictures with the larger than life friendly panda. Or you could take a moment in life to help your child look deeper (depending on the age). Use each page as a discussion point. Ask deeper questions, help them to understand what each phrase truly means and how they can apply this to their life.

This book would make a great mini-book club book for the family! I will use one line from a page in the book as an example: “Be someone you want to be around.” What does this mean for your child? Do you like to around me when I am in a bad mood and trying to clean the house? Or do you prefer to be around me when I am happy and wanting to play with you? Do you like to be around friends that smile a lot or whine a lot?

I highly recommend this book for all ages 0-100. I think we can all learn from these lessons and we should always continue to strive to better ourselves in life. ZEN HAPPINESS by Jon J Muth is a great book with peaceful pictures sure to delight your little one at any age. It charmed me and I appreciated the words of wisdom. This would make a great gift as well.

This book can be purchased many places online here is the link to Amazon: ZEN HAPPINESS

It may also be available at your local library which is always an amazing resource!

Happy reading!